This is How you should Tackle your First day at the gym in Dubai!!

“First day at the gym!! What should I do first?” or “What to do on my first day at the gym?” are some of the very common questions that come to the mind of all the beginners dreading their first day at the gym! And since a lot can happen on the first day, here are a few tips for the newbies in Dubai & around the globe, so read on, plan it well and make your first gym experience memorable!!


1. Don’t Overwork your Body on the very first day, take it slow!
Start with little baby steps, and don’t even consider spending hours at the gym!! You can do as little as 2-3 exercises a day for the few initial days if you want to, and from then on, you can add exercises gradually; this will give your body the time to recover and all the getting-used-to time that it needs! Also, it is a great way to avoid injuries and soreness.


2. Warm up
Warming up is a must as it decreases the chances of injuries; it increases the flow of the blood and warms the muscles so they don’t tear too much while you train. You can do Dynamic stretching for warming up; it consists of shoulder circles, lunges, side bends, arms swings and leg swings.

These two points are very important! Click to know more about the first-time-at-the-gym tips.