My story with Fitness First Dubai….

I moved to Dubai in 2008 and since this time I have tried many gyms in dubai,from the small ones to the biggest famous health clubs in dubai ,and during this Journey I have found something good in each of those gyms, even if I faced a bad experience in one of them it is turned into positive experience later on…….

Also I have tried different styles of health clubs in dubai , like cross fit dubai , Gold’s gym dubai , UFC gym dubai and all of them were up to the standards and having something special………

Cross fit Dubai where Every workout was different so I never get bored,The training routine was always changing and this is what I liked about it because Am not a routine guy at all !!!!

Gold’s gym dubai One of the oldest Gyms in Dubai,I loved the passion and dedication and I was always feeling home when i go there especially with their personal trainers and group exercises

UFC Gym Dubai The idea to mix my workout with multiple martial arts made me excited and motivated all the way and it helped me to work on other different muscles that
I didn’t concentrate on them before.

Then I have decided to try Fitness First Dubai, as I was hearing that it is one of the best  health clubs in Dubai and one of the most luxury Gyms In Dubai

Honestly I always don’t like to go with what people talking about much but I like to try everything by myself as maybe what is suitable for the others don’t fit me
and vise versa ….So I started with the branch in festival city and I was going around 4 times a week and I was trying to attend few group classes as well especially
Body combat & Body Pump and I kept going for 3 month in raw …….The difference between Fitness First Dubai and all the previous health clubs in Dubai is the
social atmosphere as I feel Iam going to social gathering or outing with friends……with the large variety of equipment between Cardio & Free weights & TRX…..Etc

I liked The most the free area which having kettlebells,Sandbags,Iron bars,Heavy Rope…..which can be compared to cross fit dubai and ufc gym dubai as I couldnt keep going everytime with the weight lifting area as it is boring for me

So I started to make the most of fitness first dubai and I started the following schedule based on going 4 times a week:

Day 1 Free weight(Bench)+Cardio(Different cardio equipments)

Day 2 Free weight(Shoulders)+Free area (Kettlebell & Sandbag)

Day 3 Group Excersice(Body pump or body combat) + (biceps & triceps)

Day 4 free weight (Back) + Free area (Iron Bars & heavy Rope)+ cardio (Different cardio equipments)

And usually after each training day I go to sauna and steam to relax my body…..Also sometimes i was going to facilities area and enjoy surfing internet with coffee to change my mood