Food System is the key for Gyms In Dubai

I have noticed change in my body…, I lost around 2 KGs and my body reshaped abit and my fitness performance improved because of group fitness classes…..So it was ok ,But unfortunately it was not the target i was looking for !!!!……I found that my eating behavior needs to be changed so i started to read about different diet systems

I have tried low carb diet and I lost in the first few weeks around 10 KGs but the issue was that I lost muscles as well and I felt weak and I was not having power when I was going to workout and my metabolism went down !!!!

I started to eat more carb with calculating calories and not to exceed specific number of calories each day ….I was so excited at the beginning and I made file to calculate my intake calories everyday and I started loosing more weight but after awhile I found that there are other factors which affect your body as well like I have to balance between carb, Proteins and fats…..

I started workout while taking fat burners,getting results but couldn’t continue as it was affecting my mood and my sleeping pattern and I was always nervous and once I stopped I started gaining weight fast!!

So I have changed Health clubs in Dubai many times as I mentioned before I tried Cross fit Dubai , Gold’s Gym Dubai, UFC Gym dubai till I decided to continue in fitness first Dubai for long time but to find a good gym and feel comfortable with is around 20 % of reaching your goals, The remaining 80 % depends on your food behavior

So it was the time for me to analyze all my previous experience especially my weak points and make new system which fits my whole day activities including waking up and sleeping times, my work hours,my workout intensity , My night craving…..

The idea was to change your mind software or to reprogram your brain with new code which always stay in your mind and your act the whole day based on it without the need to be strict and make your life like a nightmare …… is simply the knowledge which will make you achieve your goals and keep you motivated..

if you are interested to know how fitness first Dubai finally work with me ..keep reading !