First-time gym tips, workout plan & more!!

In our previous blog post we emphasized on the fact that doing more exercises than what your body can handle is not a good idea initially, and warming up is a must if you want uneventful gym experiences over time.Now you are definitely ready to know about the exercises that you should do on your first day – and most probably the initial week – and a few tips which will make your first day a bit more bearable at the gym!! So here we go!

3. For the initial week or so stick to the beginner’s strength workout

For novices, good resistance training consists of 15 minutes warm up session, and lighter weights which allow you the time to get used to the idea of gym-ing; also it allows you to pay more attention to the posture and the techniques without getting hurt.

As per our experts, a good newbie’s strength workout should look something like this :
2 sets on the leg press machine, 2 sets on the step-up, 10 minutes on the rowing machine, 30 bicep curls, 30 on triceps pushdown machine, 15 crunches and a 10-minute cooldown cardio-exercise of your choice

4. Recover right

Eat within half an hour after the workout, and don’t forget to have a chocolate milk – it is one of the best post-workout snack known to mankind!!! And, avoid fatty foods at all costs!!

5. If possible bring these things to the gym!

Bring something to drink, a towel to wipe off the sweat, and in case you think it might be helpful, bring an iPod or something alike for music – it might help you to settle down easily!