Best Gyms in Dubai

Whether you would prefer a personal training session or a fun workout time with a group, here we are listing three gyms in Dubai which are the best when it comes to the environment, the all-rounder services, world-class equipment, facilities like group workouts, and a comparatively reasonable membership fee!! Since, in Dubai, rules are a bit strict for ladies, one of the gyms discussed below has been listed specifically with the women folks in mind.

Fitness First
This gym has branches in about 19 locations across Dubai! It offers different tiers of membership which range from 3 to 18 months and offers exclusive clubs like Women only and Plus etc. Note that, though it has its offices in 19 locations, that doesn’t mean that members are allowed to access any of the locations; depending on your membership, you get access only to a few locations.

Fitness 360
Fitness 360 has four branches in Dubai – they are in Mazaya Center, International city, Arabian center and J3 Mall. The best feature about this gym is that besides helping its customers in getting a fit body they also give them the chance to get a better life outside gym by offering specialized classes like combat and body attack classes.

Physique 57 – City Walk / Al Thanya Mall
Though almost every big gym in Dubai has an all-ladies branch, this gym is exclusively ladies-only!!! It puts emphasis on dance workouts – ‘Yes! The ones which are still taking the world by storm; it is a great workout for ladies who want a dancer’s body for its every movement is designed in such a way that every body muscle is covered.