Are you a beginner at the gym? 7 super effective tips that helped when I had started

I have been working out and rendering professional training for health clubs in Dubai. Besides the stunning transformation, I stand witness to the trends that have struck with the fitness industry and a few important aspects that stay the same, even today.

Here are a few tips for all the enthusiastic beginners to follow before they make a mess out of it.

Get a weekly exercise plan

Target one body part every day. As you progress with improved metabolism rates, you may advance to more than one body parts each day. The challenge here is to follow the regime with dedication. It’ll take time for your body to adapt to the routine and thus produce more effective results.

Don’t gulp down water in between exercises

Rather have it sip by sip. Water, in limited amounts is needed to replicate loss while sweating and that’s where you should know the limits. Excess consumption during workout can increase water retention rate which may not be good for the body. 2 sips after every round of reps you complete should suffice.

Follow a nutritious Diet

Always remember, appropriate diet is more influential than appropriate exercising. Before you begin, get an exclusive diet plan prepared from the instructor or a dietitian if available. Increase your Protein intake, drink more water, have fruits, have a light meal post evenings and most importantly, have high energy food such as mashed potato or black coffee half hour prior to the workout.

Warm Up

Most beginners overlook it across gyms in Dubai. Warming up prepares your muscles for the strenuous workout ahead. As a beginner, up to 7 minutes of cardio will suffice for you. Add to it consistent body stretching after completing every exercise and before beginning the next one. The muscles have to normalize in between different exercises and ignoring warm ups may cause injuries.

Set a Log

I have been stressing upon this to all my clients. Tracking your progress is highly needed to understand if the body is positively responding to the fed workout strategy including diet. Maintain a log of the weekly body details recorded inculcating BMI (Body Mass Index) readings. Your body fat count, water retention rate, metabolism and the muscle mass are all computed.

Maintain Hygiene  

Working out daily puts you into more vulnerability towards bad body odor. Excessive sweating invites un-hygiene which has to be taken care of with discipline else unavoidable skin infections may strike. Before going to the gym and especially after you come back, take a shower. Make sure to clean the benches, dumbbells and everything you touch in the gym before using.  Carry a towel!

Focus on intense

In my training so far, I am sure of lightweight exercises with more reps benefiting more than large weight with fewer repetitions. As a beginner you need to follow this. This helps spend more time at the workout and produce a quality session. Yes, heavier weights should arrive only after you have the strength to complete 3*12 sets for every exercise, no matter what weight you pick.

Bonus Tip: Go to the gym daily

Lastly, I would recommend not missing on the set schedule. No matter how much busy you are, sparing 45 minutes everyday is achievable. Any break will disturb the momentum your body has been tuned into.

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